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Teak Solutions  was founded nearly 20 years ago by individuals whom at the time already had over 25 years of sea going experience.  Today Teak Solutions has matured from a reputable but small family firm located in San Diego, California to a worldwide organization simultaneously working on projects for multiple clients.  Our reputation is earned.  Our customers and all employees soon learn the clichés our owner still lives by; things like “say what we can do and then do it”; “we work at the convenience of the owners and direction of the Captains”; “we do not desire to be the biggest, just the best”, “the jobs I did 20 years ago were great but the jobs you are completing today are the companies benchmark and reputation for the future”, “on time, on budget to the quality guaranteed is a receipt for success in any business”.    In short, should you desire to work with us, you will find a fair trading partner whom guarantees their work, schedule, and price.  You are most respectfully invited to come and join with us.

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