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Or visit us on our locations in Spain:

Sales Office

Address :  Passeig Joan de Borbó Comte de Barcelona 80

(08003) Barcelona, Spain

Phone : +


Factory & Production

Address : Calle  4 Número 7, Bajos (Políg. Industrial)

46220 Picassent, Valencia, Spain

Phone : +34.96.328.70.57

Email :

Distributor of products in Greece:

Έδρα: Αιτωλικού 104, Πειραιάς. Τ.Κ. 18544

Headquarters: Aitolikou 104, Piraeus Ρ.Β. 18544

Αποθήκη: Αιγαλέω 85, Πειραιάς. Τ.Κ. 18544

Warehouse: Aigaleo 85, Piraeus Ρ.Β. 18544 Α.Φ.Μ:998358450 — νΑΤ:998358450

Στοιχεία τραπέζης: Εθνική τράπεζα

Bank ίηfο: National bank of Greece


ΙΒΑΝ: 13Ρ72 1940 0000 1944 7030 818

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