TEAK SOLUTIONS (TS) ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy

TEAK SOLUTIONS (TS) ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy is a custom-blended epoxy mastic of high quality resins, hardeners and engineered fillers to yield a blush-free, ultra light weight, flexible and easily-sanded system used for both levelling and the final bonding of teak panels or planks. TS ME100 weighs only mixed approx. 0.75 kg per litre / 1mm per m2 when cured and its cell-like structure makes it an excellent sound and thermal insulator.

The viscosity of the TS ME100 is formulated to be high enough to remain in place when used for deck fairing, but low enough to provide excellent wet-out for bonding.

The TS ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy will cure in temperatures as low as 10ºC. Developed to be user-friendly, the simplified 1:1 mix ratio allows a batch of any size to be easily measured and mixed. Once thoroughly mixed, the material can be spread immediately, requiring no induction time. for more


Teak Solutions Teak Cleaner Liquid has been formulated as a 2 in 1 product. It is an advanced cleaning liquid designed specifically for the yacht and marine industry. TS Teak Cleaner Liquid is designed to not harm you, your teak, seam sealants, hardware or paint. It is a NEW concentrated solution which can be used in various dilutions, from concentrated direct from the can, to diluted in fresh water up to 1:20. TS Liquid cleans and brightens teak wood, similar to harsh 2 part cleaners helping restore the original golden colour.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Concentrated Liquid, ready-to-use in various dilutions.

• Tough on dirt, gentle on teak.

• Cleans & brightens.

• Meets Global Marina Programs / MARPOL regulations for clean environment.  for more




TEAK SOLUTIONS (TS) SEAM SEALANT for teak decks is a Silane polymer “PRIMER FREE”  one part, paste like neutral cure adhesive sealant specially designed to caulk and seal teak decks. It cures when exposed to moisture in the air forming a tough, flexible seal. It is non-corrosive and has excellent adhesion, temperature stability and chemical resistance as well as resistance to sunlight, UV and salt water. It can be sanded once cured. It has been manufactured using a process that eliminates all air from the caulk so no bubbles or voids are present.

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Teak Solutions after 20 years of teak manufacturing for the highest profile yachts, is pleased to announce the launch of our new professional teak stain remover developer for the most demanding clients, a spot remover designed especially for your teak decks.



TS STAIN REMOVER was formulated especially for teak decks, as tested and supervised under TEAK SOLUTIONS. Additionally, removes grease and oil stains on all kind of washable or non washable fabrics (marked on the label of the garment with the symbols A and P.)

For all onboard deck stains. Quickly removes: wine, grease, mechanic, oil, food, birds residues, suncream and much more  for more

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